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RECARO Commander

Advantage Series

The flagship office chair of the RECARO Advantage Series. Expanding upon RECARO’s existing standards of high-end quality with an emphasis on customizable features - the RECARO Commander office chair is designed to fit the decor of a modern office with the durability for intensive use environments.

Features include adjustable bolsters on the backrest, LiquiCell technology in the bottom cushion, a bottom cushion seat extender, an adjustable backrest tilt, 2D or 4D armrests, and a double chamber adjustable air lumbar for premium support.

Suggested weight rating of 300 lbs. Ideal for users up to 6' 4". Contact a seating application specialist for further details.








The Contour

The Contour is available in a 275 Series, for users under 5 foot 3 inches tall and the standard 350 Series with a weight capacity of 350 pounds.  Both models are also available in High Back and Mid-back configurations. 

Both 275 and 350 Series chairs feature a built in lumbar support that, when combined with our standard, adjustable height back, allows users of various heights to maximize back support.  Our multi-density foam pack in the seat cushion provides both maximum durability and maximum body support, while the top layer of the new "heat resistant" comfort foam provides that "ahhhh" feeling as you sit in the chair.

Finally, our standard Cordura Nylon fabric not only wears like iron but can also be washed down with bleach without affecting the color fastness of the fabric.  Most of our customers use a pre-moistened cleaning cloth so they can wipe the chair down on a shift by shift basis.

Options for the Contour include: carpet or bare surfaced casters, height and width adjustable arms, flip-away arms, seat slider for seat depth adjustments, additional width seat for more room to move around during those long shifts, and a 2-way adjustable head rest (high backs only) that adjusts both vertically and horizontally.  Optional vinyl and leather fabrics are also available.

As with all of our Intensive Use chairs, the Contour has passed the GSA FNEW 83-269E test, which is the ONLY test recognized by the government as determining what is and is not an Intensive Use chair.  For more information on this test please contact your Sales Representative.

We make our warranty real simple, 5 years "head-to toe".  Can it get any simpler?



The Grid

Congratulations! You have just found the only GSA Intensive Use rated mesh-back chair available at this time.  As with the Contour, the Grid comes in both 275 and 350 Series chairs in both High Back and Mid-back configurations.

All of the Grids have a standard adjustable lumbar support that can be adjusted from the seated position, and they come with the standard Cordura nylon seat seat, although a mesh seat is optional.  The High back has a height adjustable head rest as the only available head rest.  Wide seat options are also available on both models, with a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds.








Standard Features
All of our chairs come equipped with the following:




The Monterrey

With it's somewhat retro design the Monterrey is a very nice stylistic option for those call centers that want something a bit different.  The Monterrey is the first of two models available in both 275 and 350 series chairs with both High-back and Mid-back configurations, but also offers an additional 550 series for the Big and Tall users with a weight capacity of 550 pounds.

The 550 has some significant differences, among them is the standard "fixed arm".  This arms are NOT adjustable, largely due to the fact that larger users tend to push down on the arms to lift themselves out of the chair, and adjustable arms simply will NOT hold up to that down force over an extended period of time.  The chair can also be ordered without arms.  The 550 also features a standard center tilt control unit so the user doesn't feel like they are falling out of the back of the chair when leaning back, like they would in a knee tilt control unit.

One of the subtle things about the design of this chair is that the 550 is designed to proportionate in size to the 275 and 350 series chairs so that in a room of Monterrey's the 550 does NOT immediately draw attention to the 550 chair.   Although this chair is pictured with a chrome base, all of our chairs feature a black base.







The Pearl

Finally we have the Pearl.  Classic in design and styling, don't be fooled, this is NOT your fathers office chair, this is a serious Intensive Use workhorse.  Like the Monterrey it comes in the 275, 350 and 550 series chairs with both High-back and Mid-back configurations.  Also like the Monterrey it features a steel double barred back bar in the 550 series for additional durability.

Options include a Shukra steel adjustable  lumbar which requires the use of s knob to adjust, a height adjustable back, height and width adjustable arms, as well as flip away arms.  All of our arm pads have the same Cordura Nylon fabric for maximum durability.







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